Treatment Tips

LiceKiller Treating Instructions and Expert Tips

So, the first thing we need to discuss understands is, we need to have someone else help treat the infected persons head with the Lice Killer products. Some people are embarrassed to seek help and try instead to treat themselves which usually produce a poor outcome because they can’t see the lice and nits in the hair and properly comb them out and inspect the head properly. 

We now begin treatment with the water based Nit Glue Dissolver by liberally spraying on the entire length of hair, starting close to the scalp where you will see moving lice and their eggs attached to the hair strands near the scalp. Make sure the scalp and hair are wet and the Nit Glue Dissolver is massaged into all the hair and the scalp is wet. They put on the shower cap and let stand for at least 30 minutes.

Next, remove shower cap and liberally apply the LiceKiller Oils to all the hair and make sure the hair is all gooey and wet from the scalp all the way down to the end of the hair shafts. Put on shower cap on and let stand for another 30 minutes or longer.

Now begin combing out the hair starting with the combs teeth at the forehead and running backwards along the scalp to the back of the neck. Run comb along the surface of the scalp to make sure you are catching and scooping up all the lice and their eggs. Then run the comb through the entire length of the hair until you scoop off all visible lice and eggs. Repeatedly clean comb of all debris from head. Repeat the inspection process until you see no more lice or eggs in the hair.

Now have the individual being treated take a shower with a good grease cutting shampoo, or Dawn dishwashing soap, which works very well. After thorough cleaning and rinsing, the shower is over. Now blow dry hair and then have the head and hair inspected by another to make sure you have caught all the lice and eggs/nits in the hair especially close to the scalp. Don’t be surprised if you see a few nits or bugs that survived the first treatment. Just spot treat any bugs or nits and remove them.

We want to get the head as clear of lice and nits as humanly possible. But don’t be surprised after the first shower and blow drying, to inspect the hair and find one you missed. Once you’re sure the head is clean of lice and nits, apply the repellant product (in the kit) to the individuals head area, by dabbing some on your finger and applying it to the back of the neck, behind the ears and even along the forehead. This will help provide a repellent scent barrier for any new lice that try to crawl up into their head and hair.

At this point gather up all clothing and towels and wash everything in the Bug Killer Laundry Concentrate. Add the small bottle of Furniture Spray Concentrate into the 32 ounce spray bottle included in the kit and add water. Start spraying on all cloth couches, chairs, loveseats, car seats, carpets, mattresses, pillows and pillow cases (anything cloth based) after you have removed the bedding and blankets for washing. Don’t forget to spray the area rugs in hall ways and bathrooms. You do not need to spray hardwood or tile floors with the furniture spray. Regular mopping of the floor with hot water and your regular bleach detergent is sufficient to kill any bugs that might have straying there.
Spray heavily in the bedroom of the infected individual, including the raw mattress and any rugs surrounding the bed where the treated individual sleeps or where they sit and watch TV on the couch or on a computer chair.

Pay special attention to seams and cracks in chairs and couches where bugs and eggs may be hiding. Remember an adult female louse, is pregnant for life and can lay 3 to 8 eggs per day in your environment and can live for at least 3-4 days in your environment without a blood meal. The life cycle of a female louse is between 45 and 60 days. So, you can see how much damage just one lice can do in your home. We recommend that you spray the Furniture Spray thoroughly two times per day for the first 3 to 5 days to make sure you are killing all the lice in the immediate environment of where the infected person spends most of their time. After the first 4-5 days are over you can reduce your spraying to once a day for another 3-4 days to make sure all bugs are killed.

If you are burning through your supply of Bug Killer Laundry Concentrate or Furniture Spray Concentrate before the seven days are up, please buy another environment kit, before your run out, so you can keep spraying for the full 7-10 days if possible. This will insure the best possible outcome for your home.

Make sure the individual being treated goes to bed the first night with clean sheets, pillow cases and bedding/blankets. It is important to check their head the first thing in the morning, too. If they went to bed with a clean head of hair and they wake up with new lice, you have either missed some lice in the hair or have a dirty environment with lice in the bedroom, or both. If they go to school or go visit friends in another home, please check their heads again with they come home to see if there are new lice that might have been acquired while visiting another home, school or mall.

It is very important to check the head several time a day for possible reinfestations from in the home or from outside of the home. This is very helpful to determine where the fresh lice are coming from. If the individual has a clean head of hair with no lice after treatment but has new lice in the morning, then either the head was not completely clean or the individual has reacquired lice from their immediate environment of the bedroom or living room.

Each night have the treated individual remove all unnecessary cloths and immediately put them in the large plastic garbage bag for soiled cloths and seal it shut. Do not throw the cloths on the floor so the bugs can fall off or crawl away. Separate all clean clothes into separate areas of the closet or you might use separate garbage bags for clean cloths and dirty clothing. You may want to remove the bag of soiled cloths to a separate area until you have time to wash them using the Bug Killer Landry Concentrate.

Since lice can crawl around quite well (up to 8 feet an hour), it is important to regularly spot check the heads of children, teenagers and even adult women, even if they are not currently being treated, as lice may search out to new victims in neighboring bedrooms by following scent trails like a blood hound. Lice are surprisingly finicky eaters, preferring prepubescent children and females of all ages to men. Lice do not like the taste of blood from adult men as their testosterone levels are too high.