Return Policy

If you use our products as directed, including following instructions to deal with Re-Infestations and you are still dealing with head lice after 60 days, simply call our Customer Service department for return shipping information at 559-909-5123, then return unused products and empty bottles for a full refund.

Our products store for years so if you get lice again, you will have them ready to use.  Also you can use our products to kill many different human pests such as head lice, scabies, bed bugs, fleas, mites, etc.

Additionally, our oil products are great for many other skin conditions and problems such as relieving itching and making the skin softer and healthier.

They are made from the highest quality essential oils and our formula delivers many unadvertised skin health benefits.Also, they will last for many years if you store them in a cool dark place such as under the bathroom sink.

Give them a try!