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GUARANTEED to Kill Lice AND the Nits (eggs) or Your Money Back!
All-Natural Ingredients that Work BETTER Than Poisons!

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Everything You Need Kit - Large Size

LiceKiller Oil - 3
Nit Glue Dissolver - 3
Lice Repellent - 3
Shower Caps - 7
Lice Comb - Upgraded
Laundry Concentrate - 3
Furniture Spray Concentrate - 3
Sprayer Bottle - 1
Value - $433.40
Kit Price - $199.95 SALE PRICE: $165.95
Shipping: FREE
TOTAL - $165.95

You'll probably get a Re-Infestation (see below) so you might want to consider getting the Large Size kit to have enough product for if/when that happens.

Everything You Need Kit - Medium Size

LiceKiller Oil - 2
Nit Glue Dissolver - 2
Lice Repellent - 2
Shower Caps - 5
Lice Comb - Upgraded
Laundry Concentrate - 2
Furniture Spray Concentrate - 2
Sprayer Bottle - 1
Value - $288.60
Kit Price - $149.95 SALE PRICE $129.95
Shipping: FREE
TOTAL - $129.95

Everything You Need Kit - Small Size

LiceKiller Oil - 1
Nit Glue Dissolver - 1
Lice Repellent - 1
Shower Caps - 2
Lice Comb - Budget
Laundry Concentrate - 1
Furniture Spray Concentrate - 1
Sprayer Bottle - 1
Value - $143.80
Kit Price - $79.95
Shipping - $20
Total - $99.95

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Re-infestations cause all kinds of stress for people dealing with lice.

You think you got rid of them all and then a few days later you see more nits!

It's very frustrating. We know. We've heard literally thousands of stories about re-infestations.

Because head lice are in your circles of places you go and people you know...and because many people don't know how to get rid of lice and are using products that don't work, it's very possible (even probable) that you will get at least one re-infestation.

So how can we guarantee our products in this situation?

By helping you deal with the re-infestations by getting a huge discount on re-ordering products you might need. If you get a Re-Infestation within 60 days, simply call us at 559-909-5123 and we will let you purchase another kit for 50% off (which is giving it to you at our cost). 


If you use our products as directed, including following instructions to deal with Re-Infestations and you are still dealing with head lice after 60 days, simply return unused products and empty bottles for a full refund.

REAL LiceKiller Reviews & Testimonials

Review from Lori in Brighton, Michigan:

I have been through head lice on more than one occasion… several times in Florida while we lived there when my daughter’s best friend’s mother only treated her daughter’s head and not the rest of the house, and once here in Michigan which is when I turned to your product!!! OH MY GOSH what a Godsend it was. Thank you so much!

Review from Christina in Rainbow City, AL:

The head lice nightmare we had was terrible. Just when we thought they were gone, they came back. We started off using the chemicals our doctor prescribed and all got sick from chemical exposure. Then I found your product. It worked better then expected and was surprisingly easy to use. I have recommended it to my family and friends. My husband and I have also been using Avirol for several weeks now. It is a great product and we do not go a day without taking it.

Review from Dawnya in Lawrenceville, GA:

I used to be a hairstylist and thought I knew ALL about head lice. I realized that I didn’t know much at all until I had to deal with it in my own family. When my youngest daughter first got it, we called our doctor’s office and were told to use Nix, which we promptly ran to the drug store to purchase. My husband proceeded to do some research on the internet to see if there was anything else we could do, only to find out that the over the counter products contain poisonous pesticides, which we had already put on our child’s head.

We decided to go the distance with the Nix, for the next week, since we’d already used the product and couldn’t undo it. We spent one week torturing our daughter (not intentionally) having to comb through snarly hair (you can’t use conditioner with Nix), and very meticulously picking out every single nit we could find. It was about a 90 minute routine every single day for a week. We would have bet money that you could not have found more than 1-2 nits by the end of that week, we were that thorough.

Exactly one week after using Nix, when those remaining eggs hatched, she had a head FULL of live lice—we actually found about 40 bugs. UUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

We decided to take a chance on your product, and paid to have it shipped overnight to us. It worked exactly like you said. It killed the eggs and the live lice.

Unfortunately, my older daughter AND myself had already gotten it from her, but didn’t know it for about 2 months. My husband had thoroughly checked both of us on a regular basis. But we both have incredibly thick hair, and they just were not visible when our hair was dry. (Now we know to check both wet AND dry hair.)

After my oldest daughter had been scratching her scalp raw for over a month, we decided to do the LiceKiller treatment on her as well, only to discover that she also had a head full of live lice.
I proceeded to treat my younger daughter AND myself, and discovered that I had it as well, and my younger daughter had probably just gotten it again because she didn’t have many lice.

I felt really stupid for not just treating all of us the first time around. NOW WE KNOW!!!!! I treated all 3 of us a second time, about a week later, just to be sure that they were all gone because my kids were starting school within DAYS after this. We checked all of our heads religiously the first month of school and did not find any more lice, and haven’t had it since.

When we first purchased your product, I talked to the owner of a health food store, and felt very confident (AND safe) using your product for multiple treatments.

Did you know that the Nix package says to NOT use Nix as a preventative treatment?

After spending the entire summer battling lice, and doing a million loads of laundry, I would immediately use your product as a preventive treatment the second I suspected that any of us had lice if it should ever happen again. I never dreamed that I would get head lice at 39 years old. How embarrassing is that????

I also ordered a family pack for my cousin, because we had just been to their house when we found out that all of us had head lice. She treated everyone in her family, just to be sure, and never had any sort of lice outbreak. Several years ago, she had been hospitalized for unexplainable seizures. A few days after coming home from the hospital, she saw a clip on CNN saying that lice treatment products used on children were thought to cause seizures. How weird is that?

Her mother thought she had probably used something like Nix or Rid about 8 times before they had finally gotten rid of the lice when she was a kid. It depresses me that we live in a country where our pharmaceutical companies are actually allowed to distribute a product that contains poisonous pesticides and still doesn’t completely eliminate head lice.

Review from Debbie in Anthem, AZ:

Your product was a miracle!

Review from Lucinda in Dallas, TX:

Your product was the only thing that worked for us!! After 3 months of trying to get rid of the lice.

Review from Elizabeth in Chagrin Falls, OH:

My family has gone thru the torture of the dreaded louse twice! I am a practicing dentist with 3
daughters with hair down to their waists! You can imagine how I felt the first time I was faced with the problem, but I think the second time was worse because I knew what fun times were in store for me and the girls.

It seems we have had an epidemic here in the Greater Cleveland schools and I have approached the principal about having routine checks by a nurse to try to prevent repeat infestations. So far no luck. I come in contact with many mothers from many schools and last year it seemed there were notes sent home every other week, that a new case of lice was recently diagnosed in a lot of kids classes.

I prefer your product over the chemical treatments that are available. I actually have some of your product here on stand by just in case.

Review from Jennifer in Caldwell, ID:

I found the Lice product I bought from you very helpful.

Review from Elaine in Ravenna, OH:

I do appreciate finding such a wonderful product for head lice…this is such a horrible experience.

Review from Celaj in Winterville, NC:


Review from Gloria in Warminster, PA:

The truth of the matter is that your product is fantastic, it worked in one try. My poor daughter works in an after school program at a local elementary school and she loves working and teaching the kids as they really love her too. Well, they hug her all the time. Therefore, they also shared not only their affection but their lice too. My daughter has extremely, mega thick beautiful spiral curls (natural) all the way down her back. We tried several products, several times. I was so upset that we had to apply toxic chemicals on her head and hair. It was a godsend to have found your natural product on the web. I am one very satisfied customer and certainly understand the horror parents go through for their children and on occasion their adult children.

Review from Jane in Ventura, CA:

The product works and although my youngest had to be treated twice, I’m sure it’s because both households were not free of the critters once she was treated the 1st time.

Review from Jim in Lindenhurst, IL:

Your product, by the way, worked like magic. We struggled with my daughter’s case for a bit & read stories on the web of people’s kids having health problems due to the toxic nature of the products they were using. When we switched to you guys’ products, it was a quick finish to the issue.

Review from Julie in Carrollton, TX:

Thank you for an exceptional product and your help. I have already, and will continue to recommend you and your website.
Matter of fact, I plan on ordering a *just in case
kit* to keep here at the house. You never know. It’s not true that only dirty people get lice. I keep a beautifully cleaned home and it happened to us.

Thank you!

Review from Karen in Fairborn, OH:

We had a very good experience with your product! I can support it wholeheartedly!

I also remember how nice you were to call me, to let me know when it was mailed, when I was so desperate to get it quickly!

Your product was wonderful. It felt so good to know that I wasn’t toxifying myself and my family, too.

I had an acquaintance who became chemically sensitive after a lice episode where she had to use the traditional poison on her head twice. She suffered for years with chemical sensitivities after that. So when we got lice, I knew I wanted to look for a nontoxic alternative.

And yours worked better than the poison. Some of my daughter’s friends used the standard stuff from the pharmacy, and they kept getting sent home from school, because it had to be used over and over before it worked. But I treated my family, my daughter and her friends, all with the family kit we bought from you. There was plenty of it. And it only took one treatment.

Your comb was infinitely superior also. It didn’t hurt our hair, yet took out all the nits much better than any I bought at the pharmacy.

Review from Laura in Yuma, AZ:

My daughter’s hair is very long and thick enough for several full heads of hair. She got lice on her senior trip and totally freaked out. I promised her I would not cut her hair and that I had treatments coming in the mail. I was 100% counting on LiceKiller being as effective as it said it was. To our relief it was! We treated once and treated the entire house and we have not had a problem since. My daughter and I both thank you.

Review from Lou Ann in Sarasota, FL:

I loved the head lice treatment I received. It worked wonders.

Review from Lisa in Lake Stevens, WA:

I have two daughters (and 3 sons.) My oldest daughter is 12, and she has hair that is 3 times thicker than a normal 12 year old would have. It is long and beautiful, and she has had head lice more than once. It has been a hardship each time, and this last time it was looking like it’d never be gone since she passed it to her younger sister and I had two resistant-to-thorough-combing girls to deal with. I found your website and decided to get the family treatment kit just for those two, since my oldest’s hair is the equivalent of three peoples’.

I am grateful for your product in helping to end this on going problem.

Review from Nicole in Mission Viejo, CA:

I wanted to let you know that your product is truly AMAZING. I finally found “lice killer” that really works. As of right know we are lice free!!

Review from Lynne in Los Gatos, CA:

There were 3 of us that had the head lice and your Product worked fabulously!!! I have been on your band wagon to everyone I know! Thanks!

Review from Nikki in Dickenson, TX:

I have actually helped a few of my friends through this since I went through it with my daughter – what a nightmare – until I got your product! I know it sounds like one of those cheesy infomercials, but it really was a sanity saver!

Review from Monique in Weston, FL:

Your product is what saved us. We could not find anything else that worked. It was amazing!

Review from Nancy in Mercer Island, WA:

Your product is what saved us. We could not find anything else that worked. It was amazing!

Review from Peggy in Brass Town, NC:

Thanks for having this product and giving those persons who really want to rid themselves of lice the opportunity to do so.

Review from Janet in Oak Lawn, IL:

I used the product for my son who had lice really bad, and it worked great. This is an unbelievable product, way better than the poisonous store bought products we used. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Review from Rober in Redding, CA:

I bought this product from you for my elderly mother who lives in Las Vegas.
She had tried everything including many visits to the doctors. she has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars before trying your product , that I found for her on the web. when My mother was impacted so much by this infliction, she got lice from the dentist chair, (she believes). she is in poor health and is on oxygen, I truly thought that I was going to have to travel to Las Vegas from Redding, CA where I live to help her. She is not strong and it was very, very hard on her to wash her clothes and bedding EVERY day along with all the steps of over the counter products along with the prescription strength medications that the doctors ordered! She even cut most of her hair off before trying your product. SHE WAS TRULY DESPERATE!! She lives alone and is very clean and non cluttered. This ordeal went on for over 4 months before I found your product on the web! I heard from her several times a day by phone about all her frustration. I only wish that I had found your web page much sooner, however I kept thinking that all the doctors and dermatologist knew what they were talking about. I found that not to be the case! I bought the kit from you and had it rushed mailed to my mom and her whole ordeal was over very, very soon!! it was a true blessing!!To this day my mom considers this nightmare one of the worst things that she has ever had to go through!! Your product put a quick end to this whole nightmare for my mom!!

Review from Shawna in Chicago, IL:

That LiceKiller treatment was awesome and worked immediately, so thank you.

Review from Stacy in Apex, NC:

There was a vicious cycle of repeated infestations being passed to everyone in our family over and over again. I didn’t want to use chemicals that can cause LUEKEMIA AND WORSE on my babies. In desperation, I finally went on the web to look for remedies and I stumbled on LiceKiller. I saw a 100% money back gaurentee and thought, well, what do I have to lose? I bought enough for two huge houses. Blocked out an entire weekend on my calendar, did my house and kids on Saturday & Sunday. Then got an overnight babysitter for the next weekend and went at my sister, her kids, her house, and her neighbors house & kids. It has now been 3 months and they have been lice free!!! This is the first time in years that it has not been back within a week! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!

Review from Stephen in Encino, CA:

You guys really saved us.

The products work as advertised and I will be forever grateful. We followed the directions and managed to clear the house in a few days. We suffered a minor re-infestation that was limited to one child only.
Again, the product worked to completely remove the lice within 24 hours.

Review from Tami in Beaufort, SC:

I love your product, and got many useful tips from your website, and we are still head lice free!

Review from Susie in Cincinnati, OH:

We had the headlice problem for about a month and as soon as I used your product the nightmares stopped. Literally!!!

Review from Terry in Fallbrook, CA:

What a miracle your product is. For 6-8 months, I was fighting head lice on my granddaughter. I did everything to try to get rid of it. I finally threw out all of her clothes, her furniture, even the carpet. I had HAD it. I was desperate, even then she still got lice. I din’t know what to do anymore. I was on the internet and found your product. At the time I thought it was a little expensive, for something I thought probably didn’t work. Because I had tried everything on the market, and spent 4 times as much as your product, I decided, who cares, I’m gonna buy it anyway and try it. I am 150% glad I did. One treatment, and I have never seen lice on her again. It is definately a MIRACLE.

Review from Tim in Cantonment, FL:


Review from Sarah in Lexington, MO:

Let me say, I loved your product. It worked and was worth every penny spent!!!

Review from Lori in Southlake, FL:

I truly believe you’re product is wonderful but we also had the luxury of it being the last day of school so I was able to quarantine my daughter from others and really hit it hard. None of my others kids (or my husband and I) ever got it so we feel especially blessed. I have told all my friends that we owe it to you. The day after we treated her I only found two nits (and, believe me, I practically took it strand by strand) and I just literally cut them out of her hair rather than trying to comb them. I also loved the comb that we received…a thousand times better than the ones at the store. I truly believe your product did the job!

Review from Cheryl in Springville, Iowa:

Your product was very helpful to our family!! We had battled this lice problem since about December my daughter is 13 so this was very embarrassing for her, she has very thick, long red hair. We tried Rid, and other brands over and over again with no getting rid of it. Thank goodness no one else in the family got it. Your product was the only thing that worked, and the nit comb worked awesome, the others would always break because of her thick hair.

Review from Catherine in Sparta, NJ:

I loved your product. You have no idea the nightmare (well I guess you do since you hear it all the time) but we tried about $250 USD worth of products before finding you online. I then recommended your products to two other moms both who bought and loved your products.

Review from Tina in Santa Ana, CA:

Your product saved my life. I think I would have gone crazy if I didn’t get rid of them on the first go around.

Review from Tony & Connie in Cocoa, FL:

We had a horrible head lice problem. We used every over the counter product known to man with very little luck. Your product was incredible.

Our Products With All-Natural Ingredients to Kill Lice & Nits

Nit Glue Dissolver - Made from our proprietary formula of 4 different enzymes. Our formula literally digests insect proteins, yet is harmless to humans and their pets. Makes it way easier for you to get the nits out.

No other company has a product like this. 

Essential Oil Lice Killing Formula - Made from all-natural essential oils including Neem Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Seed Oil, Karanja Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil and Eucalyptus Oil kills Head Lice much better than the poison-based treatments.

Totally safe for your humans (even babies) and your pets. Created by a retired Organic Farmer. All-natural ingredients. No waiting. Use anytime you see a re-infestation appear.


Neem OilAffectionately called “the village pharmacy,” India’s neem tree is a first aid kit in itself. Neem’s role in medicine predates the codification of India’s natural healing system, Ayurveda; indeed its uses were well-documented in the ancient texts on which Ayurveda is based. Neem extracts have hormone mimics that interfere with the life cycle of parasites, inhibit their ability to feed and prevent the eggs from hatching.
Tea Tree OilDerived from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree and packed with the active ingredient terpinen-4-ol, tea tree oil is highly prized for its versatility. Tea Tree Oil has been referred to as “the wonder from Down Under.” It comes from the melaleuca tree, which is native to Australia and has long been used by the aborigines. A study done by the School of Pharmacy at Trinity College in Dublin supported the hypothesis that the insecticidal properties of Tea Tree oil was attributable, in part, to its anticholinesterase activity.
Karanja OilThe oil derived from the Karanja or Pongam tree (Pongamia glabra) has incredible insecticidal qualities. Very similar to neem oil, it also has antiseptic, antiparasitic and cleansing properties. It has been used historically in the treatment of head lice, scabies, itch, herpes, eczema and sores. A truly useful plant, the beautiful karanja has been valued for many centuries in its native India. Karanja oil is cold pressed from seeds.
Clove OilClove oil has antimicrobial, anesthetic, and antioxidant properties that contribute to its healing powers. It’s also an effective insecticidal. One study published in 2010 showed that clove oil was effective in killing lice.
Eucalyptus OilEucalyptus oil is removed from the leaves by a process of steam distillation. The oil has strong antiseptic and germicidal disinfectant properties and can be used as both deodorizer and sanitizer. The oil can be used as an insect repellent and for the relief of insect bites. Eucalyptus oil can help prevent lice infestations.
Lavender OilLavender oil is extracted from the flowering tops by steam distillation. It is said that lavender oil and tea tree oil can prevent the spread of lice because the louse is deterred by the smell of these oils. It is a calming, relaxing oil, has wonderful qualities and also smells great!
Peppermint OilPeppermint is a perennial flowering plant that grows throughout Europe and North America. Peppermint is widely cultivated for its fragrant oil, which is obtained through steam distillation of the fresh above-ground parts of the plant. Peppermint oil has been used historically for numerous health conditions, including the prevention of lice.
Rosemary OilRosemary oil is extracted from Rosmarinus officinalis of the Labiatae family and is also known as incensier. This crisp and clean smelling essential oil is great for stimulating the brain, improving memory and mental clarity. It is also used for improving hair and scalp health as well as repelling insects, including lice.
 CARRIER OILS We Use Carrier Oils That Also Kill Head Lice.
Olive Oil
Beneficial Carrier
Experiments by entomologists at the Harvard School of Public Health have confirmed that olive oil smothers and kills active lice. Consumers also report that the carrier oils moisturize the skin.
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Beneficial Carrier
The steam distilled fraction of whole coconut oil, this component is also known by its INCI name of caprylic triglycerides. A remarkable oil, most consider it to have an indefinite shelf life. It is non-greasy and non-staining. We cannot say enough good things about this oil. It is naturally fractionated, is a deep carrier, is a medium chain acid completely saturated and free of double bonds, giving it its indefinite shelf life properties.

Lice Repellent - Another LiceKiller Exclusive Essential Oils Product! Helps to keep the lice from coming back.

Furniture Spray - Our exclusive enzyme formula kills stray lice and nits that might be on your furniture, toys, pillows, car seats, etc. This product is ESSENTIAL to help prevent RE-INFESTATIONS.

Laundry Concentrate - If you have lice in your hair, you have lice in your clothing and bedding. Our enzyme formula works fantastic to help kill the bugs and their eggs in your laundry.