Q. If I use your products, will the lice come back?

A. Maybe. Re-infestations are VERY common. In fact, you can almost expect them. You got the lice from people you know or places you go. They are in your environment, your house and cars. Lice do not jump or fly, but they are really good at crawling onto people. You can almost be sure they will try to come back. That's why we have products to treat your environment. The key to getting rid of them FOREVER is to get them ALL out of your hair once, then check for re-infestations every night before bed. If you see even ONE nit, you have a re-infestation starting. If that happens, use our products and do a treatment IMMEDIATELY. Since our products are non-toxic, you don't have to wait 7-10 days between treatments like with RID or NIX or any of the other generic or perscription brands. You can use our products every day if you need to! (Hopefully you won't need to!) Keep knocking out re-infestations and you'll win the war against lice and you won't have them in your heads, house or cars. Then, be careful not to touch heads with anyone who might have lice. Social distancing when lice are in your community is a great idea.

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. No. Due to the nature of lice and especially due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, we cannot accept returns or offer refunds. All sales are final. However, we want to help you get rid of lice for good. If you encounter any "Super Lice" that do not die, even when coated with our oils for over an hour, let us know and we will send you a bottle of some "Extra Strength" LiceKiller oils. 

Q. Are your products made in China?

A. No. Our products are made in the U.S.A. in California by us. We are a small family-owned business. We use the best quality ingredients and manufacturing methods. We're proud of our products and we've been helping people get rid of lice with our products since 2006. 

Q. Can I spot spray Nit Glue Dissolver on head the next day after treatment if I see a nit/lice? 

A. YES, you can spot treat a nit or a louse the next day. But, if you are seeing new nits/lice the next day after yesterday’s treatment and inspection, we recommend you retreat the entire head again. You are probably getting reinfested from your bedding or couch where you are sitting for longer periods of time.

Q. If I am out of Nit Glue Dissolver can I use the Furniture Spray or Laundry Concentrate on the head? 

A. YES you can spray the furniture spray on your head as well as refilling the sprayer bottle from the laundry concentrate.

Q. Does the Furniture Spray or BugKiller Laundry Concentrate have any poisons? 

A. NO, all natural products.

Q. Can I also spot treat a nit/bug with the LiceKiller Oils using my fingers to apply on nits/bugs?

A. YES, but if you are finding multiple nits/lice in your hair after yesterday’s inspection, you should retreat the entire head. This is a sure sign reinfestations are coming from your immediate environment.

Q. Can I use the LiceKiller Oils as a scent barrier if I am out of the repellent? 

A. YES this is a great option.

Q. If the nits are white, are they hatched or dead? 

A. Viable eggs are usually darker (brownish) in color but also pick up the background color, so they are hard to spot. White or light colored eggshells are hatched/empty egg shells.

Q. Is it important to inspect the treated head for the next 7 to 10 days to check for reinfestations? 

A. YES. Assuming that you are quarantined at home, infestations are most likely to occur from your immediate environment during the first week to ten days. So it is very important to inspect the head daily to determine if the individual is getting reinvested from their environment. Clothing, bedding and cloth based couches or chairs are likely suspects.

Q. Should I retreat the head the 2nd and 3rd day even if I don’t see any evidence of nits/lice? 

A. NO. Continue to wash all bedding every day for the 7 to 10 days and use furniture spray on all cloth furniture and rugs for the first week to 10 days. Only retreat if you see fresh nits/lice on head from inspection(s). If you see fresh nits/lice after several days, you should retreat as are probably getting reinvested from immediate environment. Wash all cloths daily with the Laundry Concentrate and Spray all suspected furniture twice daily.

Q. Can I use the furniture spray on bedding even if I have not washed then earlier in the day? 

A. YES, of course.

Q. Should I wash all the sheets, pillow cases and blankets every day for the 1st week, if I don’t see bugs? 

A. YES, washing all bedding, blankets, clothing and towels every day for the next 10 days. Remember: reinspect head daily.
My child’s head still itches after treatment, but I don’t see new nits/bugs, do I retreat? NO. Itching is normal for the first week from mild inflammation and bacterial infection from bites. Apply mild antiseptic/alcohol to head.

Q. Could I have Body Lice or Scabies or other skin conditions at the same time as head lice? 

A. Yes it is possible.

Q. How do I treat Dread Locks? 

A. Removing lice from dreadlocks is exceedingly difficult. You can try this: put Enzymes or Oils in a bowl and dip Dreads in bowl until all hair is completely soaked. Put on a shower cap and let the product work for 1-2 hours. Rinse out the nits and bugs the best you can.

Q. If I have never seen nits or lice on my head, but it itches, do I have head lice? 

A. If other family members are currently being treated for head lice in your home, it is possible you have lice. Have another person inspect your head daily to be sure you have not contracted head lice from another in the home.

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